Would-A, Could-A, Should-A

Heaven__s_door_keyhole_by_ForestManFx“Would-A, Could-A, Should-A” Series; (Retraining Your Thinking)

An ‘intellectual housecleaning, Revising, & Re-Visioning’ class to catapult your life into greater levels of freedom  from the inside out

Are your thoughts filled with those old painful Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda regrets…

          – “If only….”
          – “I‘ve really blown it too many times, there’s no  hope of  being a  success now….”
          – “Everybody else seems to…but not me”
          – “I never do anything good enough.”
          -“I don’t have a future, sure purpose for my life, I don’t know  who I am or where I’m headed
Do you want to “catch the little foxes that are spoiling your vines”? (Song of Songs 2:15)
This life-re-visioning  class will show you how to identify & stop re-playing all those self-torturing regrets and repetitive self defeating statements that are holding you back and robbing your potential.
Join us to shine a spotlight on your woulda, coulda, shoulda thoughts, and replace them by “putting on the mind of Christ.”. When our thinking changes then our feelings and behaviors will follow – leading to greater life satisfaction in all areas!   Together we’ll briefly take a wise, solution-focused look at what we can learn from our past, before letting it  go,  in order to move into our future with more wisdom.  We’ll learn to search out and affirm our positive characteristics so we can set brave new goals  – with some do-able steps, reaching with gusto for their realization in the next  chapter of our lives!
And, we’ll learn to encourage ourselves and one another in the Lord, and fulfill  more of the destiny He has for us.  Come learn how to develop a new  hope filled, primary perspective… “God’s perspective”.  Our new  motivating affirming  statements will be  based on Scripture and our unique,  innate God  given positive characteristics, we’ve discounted. We’ll support each other as we train ourselves to  more effectively apply our new  perspective- God’s, and a  strengths and future  focused perspective.  
(held March every year; contact  Ms St Pierre the beginning-mid February or thereafter  to register & hold your slot)
Comments from previous participants:
“Jane’s gentle style helped us each to go deeper, as she tactfully coached us to peel back layers and more clearly identify possible underlying roots & issues.”
“I did not have much  awareness of my thoughts. I just knew that somehow I had to find a way to control my emotions and their negative effect on me, and therefore all those closest to me. The class  and Jane have given me tools to help me  catch  my negative thoughts, which  has made me feel more emotionally free and  to grow in my potential, in new  ways.”
“Jane is adept at utilizing the group process to gently stir up & discreetly highlight problem areas. This happens through her sensitively, wisely, asking the right questions with therapeutic precision & good/God timing. Then she strongly encourages some applicable practical, real life forward movement steps.”
“The discussions and the tangible weekly support are helping me apply these practical redirecting techniques in my own life. They’re bringing actual, measurable improvements! It’s  exciting!”