Here are a few words from past clients and group participants…


As one who has experienced a deep internal transformation and is now reaping the benefits of a rescued and restored marriage, I am writing to give a very strong endorsement for the God-ordained counseling practice and wisdom of Jane St Pierre. I can truly say that without her gifted counseling, and the weekly classes she facilitates, I would have given up in despair, my marriage would have been destroyed, and the enemy would have won. Now I am personally stronger and have gained integrity and strength of character. – A job developer and coach

It has been my privilege to attend classes and one-on-one counseling with Jane St Pierre. She is a humble servant with a big heart. Her gifts combine Biblical knowledge and professional insights, along with practical application tools. As a pastor’s widow, with unhealed childhood wounds, I had received rigid, almost heartless judgments from other Christian counselors. Jane’s counseling, on the other hand, blessed me. She is solid, sure and true in her own unwavering faith in Christ, in His Holy Word and His redemptive heart. She conveys that in every session, infusing her counsel with wisdom and hope. Under her, I have experienced MAJOR healing and a deeper, quiet confidence. – A co partner with her current husband in ministry


I wanted to let you know how grateful I am that I took your classes. You are a wellspring of knowledge, kindness and hope! One year ago I felt stuck and hopeless. Week by week, you showed me, through God’s word, that I can change. As I have made changes so have the people around me, but the biggest change is in my own heart and behavior. And, since I spend a lot of time with my grandchildren, in affecting me, you have touched their precious lives and future as well. – A retired TUSD Special Ed teacher


Thank you for helping me discover countless things about myself, my family and the way I have been causing many of my problems myself. Through your words, the reading materials you assigned, and your probing questions, you have taught me “why” my life had been the way it was! I will continue to use all the tools and lessons learned to better my life from this time forward. I am forever grateful for the deeper relationship I now share with God too, due to your input. Everything in my life is now easier and a further enlightening, learning experience! My exposure to your wisdom, insight, and skills have truly been life altering. – A home interior designer