Search for Significance

magic_book_by_selectatl-d4ibnkaA group for spiritually hungry believers yearning to actually  taste in their  character & thoughts more of what is blessedly laid out in the New Testament as a model life  for true  believers; for those ready to  exuberantly climb higher & go deeper 
Have you been a Christian for some time, and even participated regularly in a community of faith, but are feeling somewhat dry, somewhat dull, spiritually stuck in a rut? Deep down you know there’s got to be more?
Are you plagued with an ongoing awareness of your own pervasive character defects?
Would you like some additional assistance in achieving a higher level of spiritual progress & victory, which will then positively affect your personal internal  emotional atmosphere & quality of loving  enduring relationships?
In this  class,  from a  tight scriptural lens, we’ll explore practical &  effective ways to:
  • Discover who you really truly are in Christ Jesus
  • Realize the awesome power of God’s  provision for your life  and to more  actively tap into it
  • Expose Satan’s most debilitating and deadly lies that have  vexed & hampered most of us
  • Examine the common erroneous beliefs that are hindering your spiritual growth
  • Recognize toxic elements of shame, pervasive insecurity, approval addiction, and being stuck in a performance trap due to lack of actualizing scriptural truths in our lives and thoughts
Are  you exuberantly ready to climb higher and go deeper spiritually?  Then come join other spiritually hungry believers as Jane St. Pierre leads you on an exciting journey toward a  much greater  realization of your destiny as a triumphant Daughter of the Most High God. Using the book Search for Significance.
(held mid-August  every year; contact  Ms St Pierre the beginning- mid  June to register & hold your slot)
Comments from previous participants:
“This class made me feel I can tackle the world!  My self confidence has improved tremendously!  I really enjoyed getting more familiar with applicable, healing, empowering scriptures. Having fellowship with other ladies who were also tackling tough issues, helped me face my own fragileness and need for healing. The way Jane kept us on track, even in the midst of facing and sharing tough issues, was great!” 
“I love Jane, her heart and her skills! She has a way of validating your feelings while not letting you wallow in them.  She inspires change, healthy empowerment and growth, all on a foundation of her sweet, sweet, Christian support.”
“This  class is much more than a  bible study group  , it promises to be a bible study of great ‘significance’ in every woman’s life who will come invest the time! Due to it being led by a professional licensed therapist it is even more beneficial than a usual bible study. Under Jane’s leadership we brick by brick rebuilt a more solid foundation on “who God says we are!”. For me, I truly got much more than I expected I would. I found it to be more than worth my time and money invested.: ( a quote by a very mature Godly woman in ministry herself)