Private Counseling


Jane St. Pierre is a professional Christian counselor with extensive experience in helping men, women, families, couples, and young people overcome the challenges that modern day life presents you with.  Jane is an advocate of “heading off trouble at the pass.”  She has clearly seen that  early participation in private counseling and/or her women’s  therapy groups is of significant benefit, greatly reduces heartache and long term damage and prevents crises in all types of relationship problems; including ongoing-increasing marital irritations, parenting troubles, and job stressors.  Jane would like to congratulate you for reaching out for professional assistance to bring a halt to the pervasive patterns that are generating negative emotions and disrupting your life and realtionships.   A decision to seek help is a brave move toward self-care, self-improvement and healing, requiring courage and commitment.

Finding a good therapist is important, and in large part it’s about finding a safe, empowering relationship with a trained professional, where you finally have the freedom to truly, deeply express your most intimate self, perhaps as never before. With Jane’s empathic, insightful and trustworthy support you can fully and honestly tell who you really are inside, including your deepest hidden-in-the-dark issues and buried hurts. In that honest place of vulnerability and self-exploration, healing begins as you experience her compassionate support, validation, healthy reality checks and guidance, all unto greater growth. With Jane’s support, you begin facing some of the distressing components of your life more  directly, finding practical solutions, and experiencing the relief you’ve desired.

Jane’s approach is scripturally grounded, strength-based, and solution-focused. Her goal is to help empower you from a Biblical lens to believe in yourself, to help you learn the skills and wisdom you need to achieve your goals, and then to coach you in implementing them  successfully. She works with you on your unique needs and your unique healing process.  With her practical assistance and the counsel of the Word of God, you go on together to restore and increase the quality of your life in every area that you choose to target.

The two overarching end goals Jane invariably sees many clients in need of are:

  • First, to assist you in finding your way to increased internal strength, stability,  greater peace, and victory over your internal emotional tumult and resulting distressing behavioral patterns. 
  • And second, to help you develop successful ways to handle your relational interchanges with increased effectiveness, even in difficult situations.  You will learn how to utilize proven tools for improving your surrounding relationships and to confidently negotiate for increased cooperation, this will achieve a higher propensity for increasing your win-win outcomes.  

Different people have different goals and desires upon entering a therapeutic relationship.  For instance, you may need assistance to help you resolve a recent major loss, or to interrupt ongoing troubling  dynamics with a spouse, in–laws, a child or a colleague at work.  It may take just a few sessions to learn some new sharpened communication strategies and/or to uncover and adjust any blind spots adding to the discord, so your relationships—especially with family and close friends– can become more rewarding.   

Some people who come for counseling are aware of repetitive, toxic patterns that seem to follow them even into brand new environments. This may be your situation. You’re perplexed, and you’ve tried many things on your own, but these repetitive problems keep over-shadowing your current relationships and blocking your goals.  You’re ready to delve deeper and explore root issues with  connections that you realize may go all the way back to your childhood in your family of origin. Dealing thoroughly with these driving foundational issues often takes a steadfast commitment of longer duration than a few visits, but the dedicated work produces lasting, exciting, ‘almost miraculous’ results, for those who stay at it. In the safe counseling environment you’ll unearth those out-dated, debilitating beliefs that circumstances cemented and buried in your personality  long ago, and you’ll identify the resulting behaviors these still perpetuate in you today.  With Jane’s gentle, empathic, expert assistance you’ll see these old patterns more clearly in the light of God’s perspective and your own current adult logic. When doing this deep work with a professional counselor such as Jane, lights of powerful, freedom-producing awareness turn on, maybe for the first time in that particular explored pocket of “darkness”. As you continue this work you move away from these old self-defeating behaviors and misbeliefs; you then leave behind the long standing feelings of rejection, abandonment, self- invalidation, and even perhaps self-hatred. And you’ll enter into a new secure, peaceful centered place from which to handle all future challenges.  { See the Testimonial section to hear from previous clients that prove it is possible to reverse the effects of similar traumatic events and  toxic patterns in your life as they did.}

Jane is ready to work with you toward your own desired and chosen goals. She has extensive experience helping people deal with trauma, anxiety, depression, boundary issues, codependency, communication skills, marital challenges, family problems, grief, and much more. She utilizes scripture, biblical principles, the Twelve Step Recovery principles and the positive aspects of Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and other useful models that agree with Scripture. Her knowledge of the Word of God and its all encompassing wisdom  presides over her application of all secular counseling practices, and her therapeutic techniques are experiential, direct and varied, while consistently supportive and warmly empathic. Her focus is on reaching the fastest, surest, health producing and God-designed results for each individual. Whether in private counseling or in her therapy groups, her purpose is to help you discover, assess, and actively set about changing the out-dated and ineffective patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are dampening your relational happiness, your effectiveness, and your joy.  She wants to empower you to become the person God designed you to be – free from trauma and family of origin issues, and  therefore finally successfully fulfilling more of your aspirations and dreams.

As a counselor for almost two decades, Jane has utilized her professional degrees { her  Bachelor’s  in Family Studies from the University of Arizona and her Master’s in Social Work from Arizona State University}, supplemented by continuing training from mentors and seminars.

 When you are willing to invest in yourself, you will find it also positively affects all those God  has “predestined and fore-ordained for you” to impact in your future. To work on a particular relationship or relational skills in general, call Jane St. Pierre today at (520)-429-3673 and set-up a first exploratory appointment. She meets with clients at two Tucson offices, one on the east side and one on the central-northwest side of Tucson, and offers a very affordable sliding fee.   

Again, Jane would like to congratulate you for your courage in considering the idea of reaching out for some professional assistance that can bring a halt to the pervasive patterns that have led to your current level of dissatisfaction.  Take the next brave step and make a wise, rich deposit into your future by allowing Jane, as she says, ”The honor and privilege of taking this small piece of your journey together with you!”  Together you will unearth some of the major factors that have been stealing your capacity to experience that “life and life more abundantly” promised in the Word of God. You will realize the  fullness of many more of  the things God promises and  speaks of in His word for you, the promises Christ died to pay for – for you! 

Call  (520)-429-3673, TODAY and start a  new  chapter in your life!


I have known Jane St Pierre, MSW, LCSW, for over thirty years, and I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for her. I myself have been a Christian-based marriage counselor and therapist for thirty years, and I am presently the Director of Counseling at a large church in Arizona. Jane is an integral part of the counseling ministry I direct. We co-facilitated several different groups before she went on to lead groups of her own. From personal observation I can state when Jane leads a group, she goes “above and beyond the call of duty.” She is totally Christ-centered, valuing prayer and the word of God as her most effective interventions. Jane is skilled in the integration of the principles of Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and other useful models.

I have heard many good reports also from several individuals who have benefited from her private counseling services. She has expertise in counseling couples, families, children, teens, single parents, disabled and elderly. She is skilled at focusing on peoples’ strengths and “calling out the best” in each of them while challenging them to go higher and further.

I believe that you will be impressed by Jane. She is a confident, yet humble woman of God that I have been pleased to know and work with.
– Dr. Chet Weld, Ed. D., LPC


Please allow me this opportunity to share with you the outstanding work that Jane St. Pierre, our school Social Worker, has done.

Over the course of twelve years as a principal of two schools within Tucson Unified School District, I have worked with several Social Workers. Of all these Social Workers, Jane St. Pierre has distinguished herself the most effective and highly qualified. During this school year she has been an invaluable resource to me, my staff and my school families. She deals with very complex and critical situations with a sense of compassion, understanding, and willingness and ability to effectively communicate with all involved.

I have been amazed at the confident and dedicated manner in which Jane conducted herself in varying challenges. She is organized, thorough in her responsibilities, knowledgeable and trustworthy. She communicates exceedingly well as she addresses tough relational issues. While I am dismayed she is leaving this position, I know that her effective skills will serve any other community or organization very well. I recommend her highly for any position to which she aspires.

– Dr. Theresa A. Sonnleitner, TUSD


I have known Jane and observed her character for many years. We have ministered side by side at times. From that personal experience I can vouch that Jane is sensitive and perceptive about people. She is a very good listener, feels things deeply and is caring and compassionate. Her strong convictions and sound theology have always served to drive her well balanced counsel. She is wisely cautious and in a thorough, thoughtful manner ascertains all related facts before she speaks directly into a situation. She instantly identifies with the pain of others and shows empathy even as she gives corrective counsel. She is tender and rich in her praying, basing it on the premises of the Word and never varying from scriptural truth. I have always been touched and uplifted to hear Jane pray for myself and others.

Inviting Jane into your life in the role of counselor, mentor, or spiritual advisor/coach would be a sound and rewarding decision. I can personally vouch for the fact that the Lord uses her mightily to minister to the needs of those in crises, peril, or trapped in disturbing family dysfunctions.
Bible Teacher / Worship Leader


As an Elder for Pastoral Care Ministries at a large Tucson area church, I had the joy of working alongside Jane St Pierre, MSW, LCSW, on a weekly basis over a lengthy period of time. Ms. St. Pierre contributed to this ministry in a dynamic and warmly personal way. As I worked alongside her I had come to appreciate her effectiveness in ministering with hurting people of all ethnicities and ages. Her prayers and insights revealed a depth of wisdom and understanding that I admired.
– Elder for Pastoral Care Ministries