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WorkingTogetherOngoing 9 week Relational and Emotional Therapy Groups


Start your journey to wholeness by participating in one of Jane St. Pierre’s (MSW,LCSW) uplifting, life enhancing  Women’s therapy groups.  Choose today to  begin your journey by taking  the currently led class – then go deeper and further by taking  the next class. The four carefully chosen classes  listed  below  are led year  round by Jane St. Pierre to help you grow in a crescendoing purposeful way in your relationships with others, in your spiritual life, and in fulfilling your special,  God ordained  unique destiny.

Each nine week class, in a  full-bodied,  laser sharp way, opens a  specific major growth point, with  each being fully self-contained and highly life impacting unto itself.  Yet each class, in an ongoing manner, adds more & more practical insights and builds on the content of the others.  Whether participants have started with either Boundaries I, Boundaries II, Would-A, Could-A, Should-A, or  Search  for Significance, they invariably  state  time and again,  “This was  the perfect class that  I so needed to start with!” So why wait?  Come jump in with  whatever  class is being currently offered! Start your own personal deep improvement journey where  you will be opening  up & then launching an exciting new, more  fulfilling chapter of your life!


Boundaries I

We  women as nurturers often lose ourselves over time, which leads to  emotional & relational distress. In this class we begin learning how to get more in touch with who we truly are, who God made  us to be, and  what our legitimate unmet needs are – becoming increasingly aware of our unique value and expectations.  We also learn how to discern the difference between reasonable and unreasonable demands of others.   As a result, we come to clearly know where and how the expectations of people around us are inappropriate & in conflict with our legitimate God  given  needs. Then, from a warm base of weekly support, we encourage one  another to speak up courageously, lovingly and truthfully about our preferences and needs.  These skills help us to continually solidify & define what we want, and enable us – maybe for  the first  time – to let the people around us know how to make the  relationship more  satisfying for all parties.  This leads to much healthier and happier successful relationships, leading  to “that  life  and life more  abundantly” that  God promised.  We also focus on becoming good stewards of our own gifts, talents & resources by developing ourselves more on all fronts; emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally…Read More


Boundaries II

(Boundaries I class  NOT  a necessity for  enrolling in this  class)

In this class we  look at such things as the fine dividing line between our responsibilities for demonstrating Christian kindness by helping others, versus our compulsion to do too much  – to over function in ways that actually harm those around us. When  we  women over-function it  handicaps the others we  are trying to help , keeping them from being motivated to find their own skills, talents, drives, capacities and consequently  hampers them from achieving a successful life of  their own.  The very practical Biblical  Christian workbook  utilized in this class presents week after week a wide variety of vignettes that  describe common family problems and distressing  issues in other relationships. Each chapter imparts a new  “tried and true” practical way to bring any similar relationship up to a more rewarding level of satisfaction.  In this  class  we examine such things as  the unspoken ‘contracts’  driving our  relationships into troubled waters,  rescuing, enabling, healthy detachment with love  & grace, among  many other healing  and  empowering techniques for overall greater  relational satisfaction…Read More


Would-A, Could-A, Should-A 

The curriculum for this class uses an easy-to-read, fun loving book that helps us  look more  wisely and closely  at  the distress we bring on ourselves by holding onto our negative perspectives and our give-up-before-we -start attitude.  Using a lighthearted lens, this class makes us more aware of our own old unproductive thoughts and behaviors and shows us how we’re actually sabotaging our own success and happiness.  For the purpose of learning  – and getting rid of our old ensnaring wounds, misbeliefs and their resulting erroneous behaviors – we  look directly and  bravely at several things going on in the secret chambers of our minds. For instance, in  one of  these areas we have the opportunity to bring to the  surface a little more, between us  & God,  some past regrets that might still be haunting us.  Once more  aware, we then work together to resolve them more thoroughly, by developing and  steadily applying anecdotal, strengths -focused  and biblical truths. We also  look for  those common misbeliefs and  discouraging  untruths that  might  be  holding  us  back,  then we  go on to focus our freshly cleared lens on the promising path to our future success, setting up some brand new  exciting God ordained goals!…Read More


Search for Significance

This class is a support group for believers who are tired of the “same old, same old” churchy routine and  are getting disheartened because they are not able to actualize in real life the  victorious, overcoming Christianity taught in the Word of God. They know there’s more to be found in drinking deeper and  drawing on the power of the Scriptures, in their  prayer life &  in following God in real affairs of everyday living. They’re longing for the joy and the wonder they once knew, or may never have yet  tasted. If you’re stuck spiritually at this level of frustration, you’re not alone. Jane St. Pierre’s skills, wisdom & insight, accompanied by this  rich curriculum and  the  warm regular weekly support of  other fellow sisters in Christ can help you move ahead at  a much more  rapid  rate. Using the book Search for Significance, we take an honest look at who God Almighty, The Maker of Heaven and Earth, truly is  & what He  thinks of you and me.   A  deeper  more  activated  realization of these two truths changes the “coloring” of every event of our future  life path. We  also look a little more closely at where  the personal “disconnects” are for each of  us, between what God  does  clearly say and  what we  in fact  really believe about ourselves. We  look briefly at  the negative  forces that led to these “disconnects”  blocking our growth, in order to actively combat those erroneous and  toxic misbeliefs. And we’ll discover and actively apply a  fresh invigorating perspective based on reliable Biblical truths.  We’ll then  find our stifling, legalistic  performance-oriented Christianity adjusted to a  refreshing grace-based Christianity; our spirits will open again deeply  to the  growth producing sunshine of  His true, trustworthy, steadfast   love. …Read More