Boundaries I & II


Boundaries I Group

Learn the Biblical tools for meeting the needs of others without neglecting your own legitimate needs.
Come learn the foundational keys to improving and maintaining healthy, satisfying relationships – in doing  so you will develop the skills you need to overcome the stresses you’re facing at home and at work. In this empowering series, based in part on the acclaimed “Boundaries” material by Drs. Townsend and Cloud,  Ms St Pierre shows you how to avoid the issues that cause  bouts of anxiety, fear, anger, and confusion stemming from strained relationships. In nine weekly sessions you will discover practical tools and gain much new insight as Jane St. Pierre coaches you on the journey to a balanced, peaceful life and  process of greater self discovery.
In these group sessions we Biblically sort through relational issues and find a healthier, Godly, more  balanced way of interacting. We learn how to develop clearer &  stronger, yet fair and respectful boundaries and healthy communication skills.  Through the warm enveloping weekly support we will  gain the  assistance needed  to help us to move confidently  forward, and be able now to gently  request the necessary changes. You will learn among many other things to:
  • Avoid the victim-role mentality that might be keeping us in a stress filled, no win cycle of immobility
  • Identify habits and behaviors, ours & the other parties, that damage close relationships
  • Discern the difference between the false guilt that robs much of our energy & joy and the true conviction that we can, with  support deal with  biblically. This will help us renew and revive our true and more effective, more Christlike  self.
(held October every year; contact Ms St Pierre the beginning or mid Sept. to register & hold your slot)       
Comments from previous participants:
“This class brought me a validation and a newfound sense of empowerment for my legitimate needs and it gave me the strength to take forward actions by advocating for healthier treatment, then I  was less prone to be  resentful with my family.”
“This class gave me courage and motivated me to steadily tackle some tough issues that were causing repetitive distressful patterns. I’ve regained my freedom to increasingly exercise my rights and a newfound ability to tactfully, lovingly, say, ‘No, I’d rather not do that. And surprisingly others around me  are now  treating me  with greater  respect too!’” 
“Very well balanced counsel. Jane was always, first and foremost, presenting a solidly biblical perspective on any given issue, never falling for a one -sided view.”

Boundaries II Group

(Boundaries I class  NOT  a necessity for  enrolling in this  class)

Presenting practical relational skills for successful, happier, and less stress-filled, less disappointing interchanges in any and every environment.

  • Are you in a relationship with someone who is unduly needy, dependent, overbearing, invasive and/or disrespectful of you and your value? Do you allow that person to affect your peace of mind or control your perspective and demand increasingly more and more from you?
  • Are you feeling stumped in regards to other people’s behavior toward you? At times do you even question your reality and sanity?
  • Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, anxious or resentful about your relationships with other people a little too often?

Then you’re probably suffering unduly – and this class may be just what you need to move towards more satisfying relationships and a healthier level of freedom.

Breaking the negative, difficult cycles in close relationships isn’t easy! Whether with a spouse, mother in law, co-worker or an adult child who is still under-functioning, we need assistance. To be successful we need to, with some professional assistance, further examine the root issues and erroneous behavior patterns, and then with that support to employ the strategies and fresh realities learned. In this class we will use a very user-friendly, thorough, and highly practical Christian workbook. Small vignettes in each chapter of the workbook teach new skills to increase our effectiveness in healthier negotiating.

The Boundaries II class covers other relationship areas, such as observing and identifying the “unspoken contracts” in our relationships, and what is reasonable or unreasonable. We’ll also look at our disgruntled relationships and how we are keeping ourselves in these endless negative, hopeless-feeling merry go rounds. Applying this new understanding we then support each other in taking new brave proactive steps to stand up for our own rights – without making the problem worse – therefore avoiding being taken advantage of or becoming bitter.

We also learn how to develop stronger, yet fair and respectful boundaries, as well as becoming more aware of such toxic relational-traps as enabling and rescuing. In these group sessions we Biblically sort through these and other relational issues and find a healthier Godly balance in the relational flow of give and take.

(Starting in January. Contact Ms St Pierre in November or thereafter to register and hold
your slot.)

Comments from previous participants:

“I had no awareness of boundaries. I just knew that somehow I had to find a way to control my emotions and their negative effect on me and my relationships with the people closest to me. The class has given me tools to help my relationships grow, and it has made me feel emotionally free.”

“I gained a new perspective and new strength for changing my home situation. Now I’m able to speak up for myself. The class discussions showed me how to make other unreasonable people more responsible for their own actions. I have renewed hope and I feel more victorious from time to time – even with the same challenges that left me feeling defeated and hopeless in the past!”

“My self confidence and my ability to set boundaries have improved tremendously! Once in a while I catch myself wanting to get overly involved, but I take a deep breath and tell myself to relax and refrain from doing what is ‘the other’s adult responsibility’! Thanks to Jane’s leadership, and the warm group fellowship, I’m having less distress in my close relationships. I’ve come out of my shell and I’m ready to grow deeper in my faith and belief in a good God!”